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Why Protect Your Floors?

Whether it’s during DIY, refurbishment, decorating, construction, shopfitting or at a party, a temporary floor covering is essential to prevent potentially expensive damage to floor surfaces. Whether it’s a dropped tool, spilled paint, spilled drinks or prints from dirty footwear, the damage can be irreparable and costly to replace. It’s always better to protect floor surfaces in the first instance.


If you want to protect your floors, for instance when painting, repairing, rebuilding or moving, you should use  HR non-woven covering and synthetic covering film.

HR covering materials can be applied to protect many types of surfaces. There is one layer non-woven covering or nonwoven with coating structure for virtually all applications and circumstances. More reliable and safer than floor protection paperboard. It’s also much easier to install. flame retardant floor protection is available,it has been tested to better withstand the risks associated with potential fires.


· Durable and light-weight.

· Polypropylene material ,Eco-friendly

· Lightweight and easy to install.

· Anti-skid.

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