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Hengrong high FR&UV PP non woven is composed of 100% polypropylene for use in industries such as furniture and mattress manufacturing, agriculture, hygiene and construction, etc. With the imported Anti-UV and FR adhesive, this non woven fabric has high in fire resistand and UV consist, better for those sunny place.  

This is a nonwoven fabric to which we apply the treatments required to give each fabric its own added value. A particular sector may require a fabric with specific properties: reflective, low calender, anti-mite, fire-retardant, antibacterial, anti-static, UV treatment, etc. Texpun or Spunbonded PP can also be given a wide range of finishes: embossed, laminated, flexographic printing, self-adhesive, etc.

Hengrong high FR&UV non woven PP is manufactured on Reifenhäuser machines, consisting of continuous threads of 100% polypropylene (PP), arranged at random and thermally welded by a calendering process or Spunlaid thermobonded process.


* UV Treatment which protects the fabric from UV rays. For outdoor use. Mostly used in agriculture, construction and garden furniture.

* ANTI-STATIC: Treatment that helps neutralize static electrical charges in the material.

* ANTIBACTERIAL: Fabrics with antibacterial treatment protect it from bacteria and fungi.

* FLAME-RETARDANT: Fireproofing retards the flammability when the fabric is exposed to flames. Up to a grade of C-1 fire resistance can be obtained. Used for furniture and home textiles, protective clothing for workers, vehicles, etc.

* ANTI-MITE: Fabrics with an anti-mite treatment protects them from dust mites.

* REFLECTIVE: A new concept in materials that absorb light and then transmit it when placed in a dark place.

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