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Our hay Cover Tarps are manufactured with high quality 200-400gsm UVI treated poly fabric. When you’ve finished haying, turn to cover your bales against the harsh winter weather and exposure. This cover will allow you to save additional hay and prevent nutrient loss.

Hay Tarps feature a heavy duty strong, reinforced poly that is UV resistant and excellent as a Farm Tarp. The poly material is UV resistant and excellent for agricultural operations for hay bailing and cover. In some cases paying for itself within a year. It’s constructed out of a high strength, coated woven fabric with heat-sealed seams for flexibility and wind resistance. The eyelets and webbing are set into 4 layers of fabric, offering about 500 pounds of pulling strength, making for plenty of durability.


·Strong and Durable: High quality PE Hay cover is Strong and Durable to cover your hay.

·Tearproof: Tear-resistant super durability minimizes breakage during transportation and storage.

·Waterproof: it prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture.

·UV-Resistant: We used the best UV treatment and stabilizer to ensure the stabilization during long-term UV exposure in the winter or under worse weather.

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