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PP/PE woven housewrap defense the wall against bad weather, mildew. It's waterproofing, energy-efficient, and highly permeable. In construction, air and moisture infiltration can’t always be avoided. Hengrong Housewarp is a durable, waterproof,weather-resistant barrier that prevents moisture, mold from getting inside and allows the water vapor gets outside.

Durability and High breathability are the most important emblems for Hengrong housewrap.

Starting from extrusion, we take good care of every shingle yarn by ever-tuning the drawing/annealing ratio towards the optimization.

Ensued with advanced weaving looms to make the weaving tense on the scrim just right before it undergoes the heat during DIE-COATING. Meanwhile the specially designed cooling system makes sure the surface smooth after coating. Not just a stable shrinkage rate but also a better tensile.

A good perforation makes sure a high breathability comes along after printing.


· Highly UV resistant, usable for façades with open shadow gaps.

· Water resistive and wind tight barrier to protect the building enclosure from wind-driven rain and bulk water intrusion.

· Highly vapor-permeable, breathable material.

· Allows trapped interior moisture to escape, reducing the risk of mold, mildew and rot.

· Durable and light-weight.

· Sustainable and

· Lightweight and easy to install.

· Anti-glare surface.

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