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We concentrate on the production of Landscaping fabrics for years. It keeps your plants warm and able to breathable smoothly. Also, it prevents the weeds from growing crazily. Our nonwoven landscaping/weed control fabric has a strong strength, durability and excellent drainage properties. It also has high permeability rate and remain the strength for a long-time use. It has a very even fiber placement and you could feel the different textile.


We own 6 lines of PP spun-bonded for non-woven fabric production with the capability of producing non-woven fabrics in different colors and sizes with 8 to 250gsm and 3.2m(maximum) in width, the annual capacity reaches 12,000 tons.


We produce functional products such as hydrophilic non-woven fabrics, anti-flaming non-woven fabrics, anti-aging non-woven fabrics, antibiosis non-woven fabrics, antistatic non-woven fabrics etc.; we produce non-woven plant covers, frost protection covers, weed control fabrics, sun cloth, nutritional bag, and fruit bags etc. These products are widely used in horticulture, garden and agriculture fields; Our maximum width of the fabric can be 20 meters by ultrasonic bonding and glue bonding, which can easily satisfy the needs of the farm and pasture.


Weed control: professional-grade woven polypropylene mulch prevents weed growth.

Permeability: it allows air, water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots.

Durable: you can walk on it or run a wheelbarrow over it without worrying destroy the mulches.  

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