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Mattress and furniture in the recent times have become more efficient with the introduction of Spring coil technology. Hengrong spun bond offer nonwoven fabrics especially pocket spring mattress fabric that can be used to align the spring coils by making pockets out of our non woven fabrics. Our Nonwoven also used as liner in the mattress and furniture to prevent the dust entering the system inside the mattress and furniture.

Hengrong Mattress SBPP manufactures eco-friendly non woven fabric with customized features for perfect Mattress Covers, Pillow Covers, Mattress Protector, Pocket Spring Cover, Mattress Liners and Interlining Fabrics for Quilts having high tensile strength and durability over years. These mattress cover prevents harmful dust mites, fungi, and bacteria from breeding and builds a protection for healthy living throughout the life of the product.

Hengrong Mattress SBPP introduces an innovative range of furniture covering non woven fabrics that promise lasting comfort, support and durability. Exterior cover is the most important element for furniture such as sofa sets, chairs etc. Our industry plays a vital role in manufacturing non woven interlining fabrics and non woven sofa lining cover for furniture not only enhance comfort and durability but also enrich the aesthetics, royalty and embrace.


EASY PROCESSING. Excellent products for being easily cutted, glued, sewn, coupled or ultrasonically welded. ...

RESISTANCE. SLEEPING LINE Nonwovens can perfectly support high decompressions exercised by metal springs.

HIGH PERFORMANCE. Dimensional stability, permeability, high tensile strength and the use of hypoallergenic and inodorous fibres make the nonwovens of our SLEEPING LINE the perfect product for any use.

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