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6 tips on what to look for in a rolled building material supplier (Roofing underlayment or House Wrap)

Updated: 2020-08-27

Qingdao ShiningPlast Material Technology , concentrates on the production and sales of non-woven fabrics fabric roll building material & PP/PE fabric roll building material & various types of packing bags,

We are a leader for producing the Building Envelope products like PP based or Bitumen based synthetic roofing underlayment, PP & PE woven house wrap and breather roof underlay, vapor barrier, PP&PE lumber wrap/hood.

Our enterprise explores the markets abroad in various ways by attending exhibitions, internet promotions, industry forum. We continuously take part in related fairs, including Gafa Koln, IRE, Frankfurt Home Textile Exhibition, Index Switzerland, IDEA USA and Canton Fair, with a widely sales in domestic and abroad markets and customers from Europe, North America, South East Asia. Due to the Covid-19, this year we put our focus on marketing more.

Besides the tradtional roofing underlayment and house warp, we do take pride in is we assist a lot of our customers in developing new marketable products. As we have full packed facilities. Spunbonded Nonwoven and PP/PE Woven Plants, from coating to laminating to gumming(self-adhesive ones available), etc. And we also hope we could assist LaSalle Bristol in developing more markable products in US/EU.