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PP Non-Woven Bags are manufactured from recyclable non-woven polypropylene (PP) material to create a cost-effective, recyclable alternative to plastic carrier bags and fabric bags. These eco-friendly, high weight carrying capacity, multi-use bags are the best solution as a carrier bag for stores , retail companies , supermarkets and promotional activities

The personal shopper bags boast built-in loop style strong handles. Handles can be sewed or heat-sealed. A practical giveaway that will advertise your logo or brand on the go with every use. Non-Woven bags can be laminated or non-laminated.


•Non-Woven tote bag is reusable because of its strong material. It is eco-friendly and %100 recyclable because of nonwoven bag fabric's raw material is Polypropylene (PP)

•A non-woven bag will make your brand more visible, thanks to its excellent printing choices

•Nonwoven bag is the best alternative of plastic bag because of that many countries and Europe have been banned plastic bags

•Functional treatment available : we can make the non-woven bags hydrophilic ,fire-retardant, anti-UV and anti-static by special treatment. 

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