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Self-adhesive house wrap, like other house wraps, their main job is to create a drainage plane between the siding and the sheathing—a secondary watershed in case rain or melting snow gets past the siding. Unlike other housewraps, they do a consistently good job at blocking airflow.


Higher Performance Micro-perforations designed for maximum performance. We don’t just punch holes in the material – our perforations have been designed with the angle, size, and direction that offer maximum performance.

Resists Bulk Water Resists water penetration from wind-driven rain and other sources.

Stops Solar Vapor Drive Limits incoming moisture while allowing unwanted moisture to escape the wall cavity. This prevents the moisture from inward solar vapor drive from damaging the wall cavity.

Superior Strength Wrap is made of a cross-woven polyolefin material known for its superior strength and tear-stop design.

UV Resistance our special ultraviolet stabilizers protect it from the sun’s harsh rays.

Wind and Tear Resistance Heavy winds pose a threat to house wrap during installation. With its tear-stop design, our House Wrap is one of the most durable wraps around.

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