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Silt fence fabric, made of polyethylene, is a sediment control fabric designed to block silt runoff and prevent topsoil from washing away from construction sites. We offer both woven and non-woven geotextile whose material is durable for long-lasting use. Silt fence fabric, being lightweight for easy-to-handle installation, is heavy-duty enough to separate, filter, reinforce, drain and protect soil. Furthermore, silt fence fabric, which is available in a wide variety of dimensions and styles for different applications, can work with steel posts (or wood stakes) to shape an effective control system for sediment erosion.


· Made of premium woven or non-woven polyethylene, silt fencing can effectively trap runoff to help prevent erosion.

· Silt fence fabric is dual yet lightweight product to protect water and soil.

· Being UV stabilized, silt fence fabric is resistant to deterioration caused by ultraviolet light, heat and soil conditions.

· Silt fence fabric is easy to handle and ideal for types of outdoor conditions and applications.

· Silt fence fabric can be manufactured into different sizes and colors, such as fabric in orange for visual warning, to meet customers' needs.

· Applied with steel posts (or wood stakes), silt fence fabric can work efficiently.

Being tight enough to prevent sediment while allowing air and water to pass through, silt fence fabric is widely installed on the construction sites, near the causeways, along the roadsides, ditches, rivers, lakes, streams and so forth.

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