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PP/PE woven Hengrong Wrap defense the wall against bad weather, mildew. It's waterproofing, energy-efficient, and highly permeable. In construction, air and moisture infiltration can’t always be avoided. Hengrong House warp is a durable, waterproof,weather-resistant barrier that prevents moisture, mold from getting inside and allows the water vapor gets outside.


Durability and High breathability are the most important emblems for Hengrong Wrap.


Starting from extrusion, we take good care of every shingle yarn by ever-tuning the drawing/annealing ratio towards the optimization.


Ensued with advanced weaving looms to make the weaving tense on the scrim just right before it undergoes the heat during DIE-COATING. Meanwhile the specially designed cooling system makes sure the surface smooth after coating. Not just a stable shrinkage rate but also a better tensile.


A good perforation makes sure a high breathability comes along after printing.


·Durable: Hengrong Wrap is a Great/Tough/Durable second layer and weather-resistant barrier. Since we carefully care the yarn during extrusion. The strong durability starts from then. Plus the right weaving tense and coating technology, the fabric remains a good strength all the way till it goes to your hand.


·Lightweight: Hengrong wrap possessed a lightweight property that makes it easier to carry and install.

·Permeable/Micro-Perforated: Perforation process will make sure Hengrong Wrap allows the extra vapor to escape from the interior to prevent extra moisture-induced mildew.


·Weather Resistant: Since the beginning phase of yarn extrusion, we start taking care of every of baby yarn by the great annealing and drawing ratios, and we weave them by advanced looms, through T-Die Coating till it finished, and all this will ensure good shrinkage rate, good tensile/tear and good delamination. The exteriors protection will be assured even during the strong wind or bad weather.


·Self-adhering Is Available:

Hot melt glue on the backside offers our customers an additional option which is self-adhering function. It will help house wrap stay still even after a severe wind and storm during construction. Also, it helps the worker to install it more easily.

·Tear Proof: As a very important point, the tear strength (great tear resistance even during violent installation) needs to be valued by our advanced facilities and cutting-edge production technology, more importantly versed workers.


·Waterproof: Unlike an average wraps, bad weaving cause many holes and spacing between the tapes. Hengrong wrap has excellent weaving quality that makes every inch of the fabric watertight.


·UV-resistant: We used the best UV treatment and stabilizer to ensure the stabilization during long-term UV exposure or long-term construction.

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