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Roofing underlayment is a water-resistant or waterproof barrier material installed directly onto your roof deck. It is applied under all other roofing materials as an added layer of protection from severe weather such as rain, wind and snow.


Synthetic underlayment (technically non-bitumen synthetic underlayment) is the preferred underlayment of most roofing professionals today .


Synthetic underlayment basement is saturated in asphalt. The addition of woven scrim gives synthetic products superior tear resistance and stability, even when wet.


Synthetic underlayment is designed for application across the entire roof deck. It is sometimes used with waterproof products.


Roofing underlayment may not always be necessary, but many areas require it. It is important because it acts a moisture barrier to protect your roof from rain and other inclement weather. Roofing underlayment provides your roof with an extra layer of protection that shingles along cannot match.


Keeping in Line with Technological Advancements, Henrong New Materials came up with a product which is lightweight, & designed as an alternative to asphalt saturated felt. Hengrong Roofing Underlayment sheet features a woven polymeric scrim for increased strength and reduced slippage between underlayment and the roof sheathing. A textured top surface fabric improves walkability during installation. Also, Hengrong Synthetic Roof underlayment is highly resistant to tear, whether it is by walking on it or UV breakdown.
Hengrong’s Synthetic Roof Underlayment can be mechanically fastened to several different substrates, making it an excellent underlayment solution for new and re-roofing applications.

Our Synthetic roof underlayment provides a secondary weather barrier to help fortify roofs from wind-driven rain or simple exposure to the elements. Our synthetic underlayment is designed to enhance the life of the roof. Equally as important, this moisture resistant synthetic underlayment is a water barrier built to stand strong when its needed the most. Also our Synthetic Roof Underlayment is a highly engineered and coated with woven which combines a durable and high strength design with anti-skid surface treated with special super elastomer.


3-Ply also has superb ASTM Standard values for tensile and tear. Our underlayment products could well pass the trapezoid tear test.

With special UV stabilizer, you don’t have to worry about the long-time exposure during the construction.

All types of Hengrong Synthetic Roofing Underlayments are packaged by the US or EN standard (Customization is available).


·Durable: Hengrong Underlayment is Strong and Durable. Especially it has a strong tear strength. It will protect the roofer from slipping off with the torn part.


·Lightweight: Hengrong Synthetic Underlayment possessed a lightweight property that makes it easier to carry by the roofers.


 ·Antiskid: Special treatment with elastomer to augment the traction. We also use special gloss-finished backside with special elastomer additives to increase friction between roof deck and fabric. We make both sides of the underlayment antiskid up to your par.


·Weather Resistant: Since the beginning phase of yarn extrusion, we start taking care of every of baby yarn by the great annealing and drawing ratios, and we weave them by advanced looms, through T-Die Coating till it finished, and all this will ensure good shrinkage rate, good tensile/tear and good delamination. Your façade protection will be assured even during the strong wind or bad weather.


 ·Tear Proof: Not just fully stretched placement, Hengrong underlayment is tear-proof by trapezoid tear strengths.


·Waterproof: Unlike so many holes and spacing between the tapes, Hengrong top weaving quality makes every inch of the fabric watertight.


 ·UV-Resistant: We used the best UV treatment and stabilizer to ensure the stabilization during long-term UV exposure.


·Peel and Stick Adhesive Is Available

Advanced hot melt technology offers our customers an additional option/function which is self-adhesive underlayment. The adhesive band could be customized as your request.

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