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Top 10 Tarps of 2020 Reviewed

Updated: 2020-11-26

When choosing the best tarps for whatever purpose, you have to know just what will be ideal for you. Considering that there are dozens of options out there, you need to invest time to research and narrow down your choices. But don’t worry about all that because we have done the hard job for you. Read on and discover some of the best tarps in the market today.

Top 10 Tarps of 2020 Reviewed


1. B-Air Grizzly Tarps

BEST Multi-Purpose Poly Tarp

Why do you need a tarp? Is it for camping, shelter or ground cover? The B-Air Grizzly Tarps are multi-purpose covers for sheltering you from the elements, protecting boats, and shielding cars from the harmful effects of the sun. The tarps measure 6 by 8 feet and serve well as an emergency material for patching up the roof. If you are a camper, these tarps will shield you from sunlight, wind or rain. You can spread it over a pile of firewood or a wood burner to prevent them from getting soaked by rainwater.

But just how are these tarps able to perform all of that? They are made from laminated, woven polyethylene which is held together by heat-sealed seams. Essentially, the cover holds together so tightly that it is able to ward off rainwater or even snow. It comes with a set of built-in grommets, spaced in 36-inch intervals. This will come in handy when you want to securely tie down the tarps.

It is a given that the cover is waterproof. That’s how it is able to prevent rainwater, anyway. Another important attribute of these tarps is that they are mildew-proof and washable. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to carry with you on a camping trip.



Features built-in grommets

Heat-sealed, waterproof seams

5 mil thick true 8 by 8 weave


Might be smaller than stated

Reports of unaligned grommets

Reports of easy ripping

2. 10 by 10 Inches Super Heavy Duty 16 Mil Brown Poly Tarp Cover

BEST Heavy Duty Tarp

This tarp is billed to have an amazing quality of 16 mil thickness, which makes it highly durable. It can withstand the pressure that comes with pulling when trying to set it up. With that, you are sure of protection in all kinds of weather, including snow, rain, wind or sunshine. This 16 by 16 feet tarp can be used for camping or sheltering your car at home. It is built to be water-proof, UV-resistant, and weather-proof. So, you shouldn’t be shaken with that stormy weather if you have this tarp.

To make it easier to tie it down, the tarp comes with several built-in metal grommets in 1.5 feet or 18-inch intervals. These are also attached to each of the four corners of the tarp. When out camping, it will be much easier for you to tie it down and secure it in a simple way. In fact, it is possible to create a camping tent using this massive tarp.

We cannot finish this review before talking about the material from which it is made. It is a polyethylene material which is durable. When you buy this particular product, you will not need to replace it for a long time to come.



A UV-resistant tarp

Well-spaced metal grommets for tying down

Durable polyethylene material


Likely to shrink

Reports of holes developing after some time

Might get ripped by the wind

3. 20 by 30 Multi-Purpose Silver/Brown Heavy Duty DRY TOP Poly Tarp

BEST Tarp with Dualo Lamination

If you are looking for a massive, multipurpose tarp, then this DRY TOP product is all you need. It is good enough for storage, camping, painting, hunting, landscaping, agricultural, and industrial use. In short, if there’s anything that requires a tarp, this product can do it for you. One of the best features of this tarp is that it is UV-resistant. In addition to protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun, it is also capable of resisting damage due to the effects of UV rays.

The manufacturers of this tarp consider it to be a heavy-duty affair, thanks to the 10 mil thickness. The tarp has several evenly-spaced grommets at 18-inch intervals and on each of the four corners. Due to its toughness, this tarp is recommended for heavy-duty applications in the agricultural, industrial, and storage industries.

It is made from tightly woven polyethylene fabric featuring a 14 by 14 weave and water-resistant dual lamination. To keep the water away, the hems are tightly heat-sealed. Additionally, the fabric is washable and mold/mildew resistant. Simply put, maintaining this tarp is simple and easy.



A heavy-duty 10 mils thick tarp

Water-resistant dual lamination

Ability to resist damage from the sun


May miss some of the grommets

The price is in the highest bracket

Reports of it getting shredded due to exposure to the sun

4. Hanjet 8 by 10 5-Mil Thick Camping Tarp

BEST Thick Camping Tarp

If you intend to use your tarp for camping, it should be a lightweight, portable one. It should fit into your backpack for easy transport to the camping site. This Hanjet tarp fits properly into this category. It is a 5-Min thick tarp which you can use to cover your car, bike or pile of firewood. But don’t be fooled by this tarp’s lightweight nature. It does not mean it is of the poorest quality.

Since it is thin, you should be careful not to expose this tarp to sharp objects that can tear it. When it comes to pricing, this is one of the most affordable tarps you will find on the market. It features a number of rust-resistant grommets which are spaced in intervals of 3 to four feet. That’s meant to make it easier for you to tie it down.

This is a small-sized tarp, measuring 8 by 10 feet. So, if you require a tarp for use on a small-scale, this is what you should buy. The rope-reinforced edges make sure that the tarp is not easily torn when pressure is applied to it. As far as the material is concerned, it is waterproof polyethylene.



Features rope-reinforced edges

Lightweight and portable

Waterproof material


Not great for windy areas

May break down under the sun

Only suitable for temporary use

5. KING-A-MA-JIGS 10 by 12 Heavy-Duty Waterproof Tarp

BEST Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarp

The word “heavy-duty” in the name of this tarp means just that. It is a heavy and durable tarp that can withstand the ravages of constant use better than the lighter ones. So if you want a versatile, heavy-duty tarp, this is the one you should pick. You can use it to cover your car, truck, or motorcycle. Other suggested uses for this tarp include covering a kiddie pool, outdoor furniture, cabin, yard or roof. Why should let in the rainwater when you can prevent it using a simple solution?

However, this tarp is not designed for use only as a cover. It can also effectively serve as the bottom cover of the tent floor to ward off the moisture. As an alternative to a picnic blanket, this tarp will do just fine. When it starts raining and your campfire is up and running, simply create a protective canopy using this tarp.

The reason it can do all of that and more is since it is created to be waterproof, weather-resistant, tear-resistant, and mildew resistant. It holds very well in the sun owing to the fact that it is resistant to the effects of ultra-violet rays.



Made with a 10-mil thickness

Double lamination to make it waterproof

Versatile and heavy-duty


Reports of it leaking too soon

Grommets may fall off even before use

Not that long-lasting


6. Stansport Reinforced Multi-Purpose Tarp

BEST Reinforced Multi-Purpose Tarp

Sometimes you might be interested in using your tarp for much more than just covering your car. If that’s you, then you need a multi-purpose tarp such as the Stansport Reinforced Multi-Purpose Tarp. Unlike other multi-purpose tarps which feature the blue color, this particular one is green. So, if you don’t find blue appealing, this is the best option for you.

Besides the color, this tarp is made of durable polyethylene, which is double laminated to make it waterproof. You can use it to cover firewood on the campsite or lay on the tent floor to prevent moisture from sipping in. The rope-reinforced edges ensure that this tarp is hard to rip apart by pulling. It features a number of rust-resistant grommets, which remain true to the purpose for a long time to come.

Apart from being waterproof, this tarp is also washable. In simple terms, that means you can easily wash and take care of it. The manufacturers also say it is shrink-proof, meaning you can expect it to maintain its shape and size for a long time to come. It may not be heavy-duty but is effective when it comes to providing shelter, ground cover or for camping. What more could you want in a tarp?



Rope-reinforced edges to prevent ripping

Double laminated to be waterproof

Rust-resistant grommets


Multi-purpose tarp for light work

Great color

Corners are reinforced and sturdy


7. Kotap 12 by 25 feet Heavy-Duty Tarp

BEST Large Poly Tarp

If you are looking for a tarp for heavy-duty use, try this product from Kotap. Like some of the tarps we have already looked at, this particular one features a 10-mil thickness and a 14 by 14 weave. By industry standards, this is a durable, heavy-duty tarp that cannot balk under pressure. It measures 12 by 25 feet, which is big enough for most of the big jobs. You can use it to cover your car, truck, motorcycle, and so on.

Some of the features that make this tarp long-lasting include the fact that it is tear-resistant, waterproof, rot-proof, shrink-proof, and water-resistant. Additionally, the tarp is both UV-resistant are waterproof. Simply put, you can confidently use this tarp without the fear that it will deteriorate in quality. In addition to resisting the effects of the sun, it also protects you from UV rays. That makes it a safe bet when it comes to a tarp for use in the outdoors.

Other features that make this tarp long-lasting are the reinforced corners and rope-reinforced hems. No matter how rough you handle the tarp, you just cannot rip it apart. Considering the heat-sealed edges, this is definitely the tarp to buy.


A larger-than-average tarp

Rust-proof grommets for extra durability

Rope-reinforced edges and corners


Tends to deteriorate fast

May rip grommets unexpectedly

Rubbing during washing may cause holes

8. 8Ft X 10 Ft Heavy-Duty 6 Oz White Tarp

BEST Thick Poly Tarp

Sometimes the color of the tarp you buy really matters. If that’s something you really care about, then this white tarp is what you should buy. There have been complaints of dark-colored tarps quickly deteriorating when left in the sun. White is a highly-reflective color, which deflects much of the sun’s energy instead of absorbing it. So, you should expect it to hold up in places where the sun seems to be hotter than average.

Unlike other tarps which are 10-mil thick or less, this particular one ranges from 11-mil to 12-mil. It is expected to last longer than some of the thinner tarps. That’s because it is a heavy-duty tarp, which can withstand more pressure than the other types.

This tarp is great for covering your car, truck, motorcycle, camping and so on. If you are going out camping, you can use it to cover a pile of firewood, a burning campfire, the tent floor or spread it out on the ground and have a picnic. All these, because it is a waterproof tarp that hardly lets in any water. To take it further, you can use it as a weather block or projection screen for your outdoor shows. What more could you ask for?



White tarp can serve as a projection screen

Thicker than the average tarps



Non-aligning eyelets

Some may rip apart after short use

Breaks down when folded for storage


9. Hanjet Tarp Heavy-Duty Waterproof Camping Car Pool Shade

BEST Waterproof Shade Tarp

Hanjet has produced some lightweight tarps before but it seems they are catching up with the rest when it comes to heavy-duty covers. This tarp compares favorably with some of the best in the industry, given the 9-mil thickness. So, you can expect it to hold up favorably in all aspects including resistance to possible ripping apart.

It is made of sturdy polyethylene, which is the industry standard. To make it even more durable, the tarp features rope-reinforced edges as well as industrial-capped corners. Apply pressure to this tarp and it will still remain strong. If you have any heavy-duty work that requires a tarp, this should be your number one choice. You may use it to cover your car, truck, motorcycle or as tent floor while out camping.

But it is not just the material that makes this tarp durable. It features a number of rust-resistant grommets, which are spaced three to four feet and at the corners. The purpose of the grommets is to make it easy for you to tie down the tarp. Additionally, it is waterproof, shrink-proof, as well as rot-resistant. Simply put, you can leave it out in the sun or rain without worrying about its deterioration.


Sturdy polyethylene material

Rope-reinforced edges and corners



Feels thinner than 9-mil

Strong rope may break the eyelets

Reports of some arriving with crushed grommets

10. Sunnydaze 6×8 Waterproof Tarp

BEST Outdoor Reversible Tarp

If you are looking for a sizeable tarp for the smallest tasks in your home, the Sunnydaze 6×8 Waterproof Tarp. From its name, it measures 6 by 8 feet, which makes it one of the smallest in this industry. It is only 5-mil thick, the thinnest you can have for a tarp. But that does not mean that it is the weakest you can have.

The polyethylene material from which it is made is rip-resistant and can last for long enough as long as you don’t subject it to heavy use. The fact that it is double-laminated serves two purposes. Firstly, it ensures maximum durability for the tarp. That’s because, before damage happens to the inner polyethylene material, it has to start with the laminated surface. Secondly, the surface is waterproof on both sides, which makes it suitable for use in rainy conditions or wet surfaces.

Did you know that both sides of this tarp work just fine? It doesn’t matter which side is on top. You get the same results. In addition to being waterproof, the tarp is also rot-resistant, mildew-resistant, mold-resistant, and UV-resistant. For a lightweight tarp for common tasks, this what you need.