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We specialize in manufacturing of high quality, heavy-duty truck tarpaulins. These are tarpaulins made from superior PE fabric with a high mesh count. These tarpaulins are designed keeping in mind the long distance truck drivers who carry goods, food stuff, grains, etc. especially in light of the varied climatic conditions in India.


- Thick polyethylene coating making it durable, yet lighter in weight

- Heavy-duty tarpaulins built with strong thread shaft

- Hemmed and stitched along the periphery and reinforced at each eyelet

- Made with 4-ply fabric reinforced corners and grommets

- Eyelets made from Heavy gauge brass or other metals that do not rust

- 100% waterproof Tarapulins

- UV-Resistant: We used the best UV treatment and stabilizer to ensure the stabilization during long-term UV exposure in the winter or under worse weather.

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