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Hengrong woven plastic weed mat works by stopping the supply of sunlight to the weeds, thereby killing them. While at the same time providing sufficient drainage for the soil underneath.

Made by special circular looms. ShiningPlast woven PP Weed Mat is durable and tear-resistant. Plus UV stabilized treatment. ShiningPlast Weed Mat could withstand harsh weather and stand a long time for protecting your garden and landscaping.

Recycled PP and Replacement frequency makes ShiningPlast Woven Weed Mat more Eco-friendly. 


·Strong and Durable:
Advanced looms plus matured coating technique produce strong fabric

With the same strength, we produce the lighter weight fabric with possession of both durability and cost economical.

·Weather resistant:
ShiningPlast PP/PE woven lumber wrap/hood provides the waterproofness and durability protection to your timber/wood from harsh weather and surroundings whether it is in transfer or storage or packaging.
SBPP laminated: SBPP lamination is available for the requirements of antiskid on the surface.

.Excellent Sewing :
Lumber Wrap especially the hood needs a good sewing quality around to hold the fabric strong enough while covering the piles.  If there is any sewing request, we will send the sewing sample for your approval and confirmation.

Our designed UV treated, ShiningPlast lumber wrap/hood will stand much longer under UV exposure.

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